Best Vue 3 & Vue 2 Components

Best and top downloaded components & libraries for Vue 3 & Vue 2 applications.


A handpicked collection of 5 best JavaScript libraries that enhance the native text field with autocomplete/typeahead support in your Vue.js application.


7 best Vue.js components to help create various calendars you might need in the next Vue.js project.


10 best carousel/swiper/slider components for Vue.js apps.


10 best and top-rated charting and graphing libraries for Vue.js that make it easier to plot the data you provide to interactive, customizable charts & graphs on the web app.

Color Picker

A growing list of 7 best and open-source color pickers for Vue.js applications.


5 best Vue.js components that make it easier to create countdown & timer components on the Vue.js-powered application.

Date Picker

10 best Vue.js date picker components for booking, reservation, and any other event-based web & mobile applications.

Data Table

10 best Vue.js datatable components to help developers handle large amounts of tabular data on data-driven app projects.


7 best Vue.js drag-and-drop components for draggable elements, re-orderable lists, sortable grid layouts, and much more.


7 best and open source dropdown components for Vue.js that you can use to beautify and enhance the native select box in your next web application.

File Upload

10 Best and free Vue 3 & Vue 2 components for handling file uploads in your app.

Form Generator

5 best most popular and top downloaded Vue.js components that help you dynamically generate powerful, customizable form fields from JSON schema.

Form Wizard

6 best and open source stepper components for Vue.js, which are useful for creating finite-state branching forms.


7 best responsive, mobile-friendly galleries to showcase your images in an elegant and well-designed way.


7 best icon components that make it simple to insert beautiful and open source icons as components into your Vue.js app.

Image Cropper

7 best Vue.js components we found around the web that help you create image cropping tools on modern web applications.

Image Zoom

7 Best Vue.js image zoom components that make it easier to implement the image zoom functionality on your web application.

JSON Viewer

7 best JSON Viewer components for Vue.js.


7 best layout components and libraries for Vue.js applications.

Loading Indicator

7 best components and JavaScript libraries for Vue.js applications to create awesome loading & progress indicators during HTTP requests, routing change, or all you want.


10 best Vue.js navigation & menu components that bring the visitors a better navigation experience on your next app design.


10 best free modal window and dialog/popup box components created for Vue.js based web and mobile apps.

Multiple Select

7 Best Vue.js Multi-Select components from which you can pick to enhance & beautify the native multiple select box.

Progress Bar

10 best and most downloaded Vue.js components to help developers create modern customizable progress bars on the web app.


5 best Vue.js Switch (Toggle Button) Components for modern web app design.


5 best Vue components for creating modern and cross-platform tabs UI.

Tags Input

5 of the best and open source Vue.js components that make it easier to integrate a powerful tags input component into your web app.


7 best Vue.js components that make it simple to implement the Toast Message system on your modern web & mobile applications.


5 awesome Vue tooltip components to easily add custom tooltips to your Vue.js application.

Tree View

10 best Vue.js tree components that help developers quickly and easily render hierarchical data in a nested tree structure.

UI Component

10 best (top-rated) UI component libraries for Vue.js developers to build elegant, responsive, and mobile-friendly user interfaces.

Virtual Scrolling

5 Best Vue Virtual Scrolling components to display a large amount of data without using tons of resources.

WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

10 best, top-rated WYSIWYG rich text editors from which you can choose in the next web & mobile app.