7 Best Image Zoom Components For Vue.js App (2020 Update)

Image zoom is a UI component that enables the visitor to zoom in/out images on the applications.

Ideal for online store apps that allows the customers to see the details about your product.

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you the 7 best Vue.js image zoom components that make it easier to implement the image zoom functionality on your web application. Have fun.

Originally published Sep 12, 2019,  updated Jan 30 2020

1. Vue Product Zoomer

Product zoomer is a dynamic and mobile-friendly Vue.js component to enlarge and zoom any images on tap & hold and mouse hover.

Vue Product Zoomer

Demo Download

2. vue-zoom-on-hover

A Vue.js inner zoom component which let’s visitor to zoom an image with mouse hover.


Demo Download

3. vue-magnifier

A Vue.js 2+ image zoom component which applies a magnifying glass effect to images.


Demo Download

4. vue-zoomer

A touch-enabled image zoomer component with lots of settings for customization.


Demo Download

5. vue-zoombox

An advanced image zoomer component inspired by Medium.com.


Demo Download

6. vue-h-zoom

The vue.js component allows you to enlarge images when hovering thumbnails. Just like the magnifying glass.


Demo Download

7. vue-medium-image-zoom

A medium like image zoom component for Vue.js applications.


Demo Download


Didn’t find an image zoom component for your app in this list? Don’t forget to check out our Vue.js Image Zoom section for more components.

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