5 Best Multiple Select Components For Vue.js

When you’re building an HTML form for modern web applications, you might need a multi-select component that enables the users to select multiple options from a select box.

In tradition, it is easy to create a multiple select component simply by adding the multiple attribute to the native <select> box.  You users are then able to hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) button to select multiple options.

<select name="name" id="demo" multiple>
  <option value="vue">Vue.js</option>
  <option value="script">Vue Script</option>
  <option value="com">VueScript.Com</option>

The Result:
Multiple Select

Ugly, isn’t it? Outdated styles like these cannot adapt to modern web development and public aesthetics.

To address this, You might need a Multi Select component for your Vue.js application to provide a better selection experience.

The Best Multiple Select Component For Vue.js

We did the research and list here the 5 Best Vue.js Multi-Select components from which you can pick to enhance & beautify the native multiple select box. Enjoy.

1. vue-multiselect


Demo Download

The Most Complete Selecting Solution For Vue.js.

More features:

  • NO dependencies
  • Single select
  • Multiple select
  • Tagging
  • Custom option templates (1.1.0+)
  • Dropdowns
  • Filtering
  • Search with suggestions
  • Logic split into mixins
  • Basic component and support for custom components
  • Vuex support
  • Async options support
  • > 99% test coverage
  • Fully configurable (see props list below)

2. Multiple Select

Multiple Select

Demo Download

Multiple Select is a popular jQuery multi select plugin to select multiple elements with checkboxes. It also provides a Vue.js component which makes it easier to implement a feature-rich multi select functionality on Vue.js powered web applications.

3. vue-treeselect

Multi-select Tree Component For Vue.js 2

Demo Download

A multi-select component with nested options for Vue.js.

4. vue-tree



The most popular tree and multi-select component for Vue.js 2+ applications.

5. Lightweight Multi/Single Select Component For Vue.js

Multi Single Select Component For Vue

Demo Download

Vue multi-select is a lightweight, multi/single select fast and fully customizable.

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