7 Best Stepper (Form Wizard) Components For Vue.js Apps (2024 Update)

Stepper (also called step wizard or form wizard) components are widely used and very popular in modern web development.

What Is Stepper?

In short, Stepper is a journey through several steps, each of which can be set up with a few simple options.

When it comes to Vue development, a stepper component is great for gathering your users’ information and aiding them through complex form logic. It can help your users get through your entire process with fewer errors by providing clear direction at each step in the process.

The Best Stepper Components

In this article, we’re going to look at the 7 best and open source stepper components for Vue.js, which are useful for creating finite-state branching forms, where a user can make a choice during interactions with your application, and the flow of navigation changes accordingly. They can help to gather information and make your site or application more useful and functional. Enjoy.

Originally published Aug 16 2022,  updated Jan 17 2024

1. Form Wizard (Stepper) Component For Vue 3

Form Wizard (Stepper) Component For Vue 3

Demo Download

A simple yet customizable form wizard (stepper) component for Vue 3 applications.

2. Tab Wizard Management Component For Vue 3

Tab Wizard Management Component For Vue 3

Demo Download

A lightweight, flexible, customizable, and high-performance tab form wizard component for Vue 3.

3. vue-step-wizard


Demo Download

A simple VueJS Step / Form Wizard plugin with Validation Support.

4. vurian/wizard

vurian wizard

Demo Download

A wizard machine component for Vue 3.

5. vue-simple-form-wizard


Demo Download

Simple Implementation of Multi Step Form with Validation in Vue

6. vue-step-progress


Demo Download

A simple Vue component that displays a Progress Bar with labels for each step.

7. vue3-form-wizard


Demo Download

Vue 3 Form Wizard is a JSON configurable, fully customizable, form builder that allows developers to easily create step-based forms. Form questions can be generated easily by specifying a JSON configuration object. The end result is a step-based form which will display one question at a time.


These Stepper components allow you to create various steps such as registration forms, login forms and search forms. They are valuable for beginners and advanced developers who want to build a clean and modern application in Vue.js. So if you are wondering which stepper component to use, the answer is probably any of these 6 components listed above.

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