5 Best Vue.js Components For Virtual Scrolling

When you’re rendering large collection data on the app, you might find the browser gets slow when loading.

To address this, you need the Virtual Scrolling technology to display your big amount data list efficiently and performantly.

What Is Virtual Scrolling?

virtual scrolling enables a performant way to simulate all items being rendered by making the height of the container element the same as the height of total number of elements to be rendered, and then only rendering the items in view. Learn More.

The Best Virtual Scrolling Component For Vue.js

Here is a list of 5 best and top downloaded virtual scrolling components for Vue.js apps to enhance the data rendering and optimize the load speed. Have fun with it.

1. Vue Virtual Scroller Component

Vue Virtual Scroller Component

Demo Download

A Vue Virtual Scroller Component allows for smooth scroll with any amount of data.

2. Vue Virtual Scroll List

Vue Virtual Scroll List

Demo Download

A vue component supports big data by using virtual scroll list. Tiny, smooth and without any dependence.

3. Rendering Large Collection Data In Vue.js – vue-virtual-collection


Demo Download

Vue component for efficiently rendering large collection data.

4. Auto Virtual Scroll List For Vue.js 2

Auto Virtual Scroll List For Vue.js 2

Demo Download

High level component for virtual list where each item height is not known before render

5. vue-virtualized-list


Demo Download

A virtual list. Useful when you need to show lange amount of data. It only render the DOM elements it needs. It has less functionality compared to other virtual list libraries but it’s under 5kb before gzip.

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