Vue Virtual Scroller Component

The Vue Virtual Scroller Component allows for smooth scroll with any amount of data.

Components Included:

  • RecycleScroller: a component that only renders the visible items in your list. It also re-uses components and dom elements to be as efficient and performant as possible.
  • DynamicScroller: a component that wraps the RecycleScroller component and extends its features to include dynamic size management. The main use case for this is when you do not know the size of the items in advance. The Dynamic Scroller automatically “discovers” item dimensions as it renders new items during scrolling.
  • DynamicScrollerItem: must wrap each item in a DynamicScroller to handle size computations.
  • IdState: a mixin that ease the local state management in reused components inside a RecycleScroller.


Vue Virtual Scroller Component


v1.0.10 (04/20/2020)

  • Fixed Cannot set property ‘item’ of undefined

Download Details:

Author: Akryum

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Install & Download:

npm install --save vue-virtual-scroller

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