7 Best Vue.js Gallery Components To Showcasing Images In An Elegant Way (2021 Update)

Want to have a gallery to showcase your images (or any other elements such as portfolios, posts, products, etc) in an elegant and well-designed way?

This is the 7 best Vue.js components to help developers create responsive, mobile-friendly galleries on modern applications. I hope you like it.

Originally published Nov 11, 2019,  updated Mar 01 2021

1. vue-gallery


Demo Download

A responsive, customizable, cross-platform gallery, carousel and lightbox component for Vue.js. Supports both images and videos.

2. Vue Picture Swipe Gallery

Vue.js Picture Swipe Gallery

Demo Download

A responsive, touch-enabled gallery to showcase your images in a fullscreen modal window. With support for lazy load, image zoom, and social share. Based on the photoswipe library.

3. gallery-slideshow

Responsive Image Gallery For Vue.js

Demo Download

A lightweight, easy, responsive image gallery component to display images in an inline slideshow popup, with thumbnails navigation.

4. Vue.js Photo Gallery

Vue.js Photo Gallery

Demo Download

A responsive, pretty nice photo gallery component for portfolio & photography applications.

5. Lingallery


Demo Download

A simple image gallery component where the user can switch between via navigation arrows or by clicking/tapping the thumbnails at the bottom.

6. vue-light-gallery


Demo Download

This is a lightweight responsive gallery component that supports keyboard and touch events. It also supports lazy load and image preloading to save the bandwidth and reduce the page load time.

7. vue-masonry-gallery

Masonry Gallery Layout Component For Vue.js

Demo Download

A fully responsive photo gallery component that displays your images in a Masonry style fluid layout.

Click/tap the thumbnail to display the full size of the image in a clean lightbox popup.


Looking for more gallery components for your applications? Don’t forget to check out our Vue.js Gallery section for more components.

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