10 Best Modal/Popup/Dialog Components For Vue.js (2021 Update)

The modal & popup is one of the most commonly used components in Vue.js that enables you to overlay any content (for example images, ajax contents, important alert messages, etc.) on top of the screen.

Here is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free modal window and dialog/popup box components created for Vue.js based web and mobile apps. Have fun!

Originally published Nov 17 2017,  updated Feb 08 2021

1. Elegant Animated Modal Component For Vue.js – vodal


Demo Download

An elegant, responsive, animated modal component for Vue.js that comes with more than 9 fancy animation types powered by CSS3.

2. vuedals


Demo Download

A Vue.js modal component that allows the user to open multiple modal windows at a time.

3. Sweet Modals For Vue.js

Sweet Modals For Vue.js

Demo Download

Sweet, easy and powerful modals (alert, confirm, prompt and modal popups) for Vue.js applications.

4. Eagle Modal

Eagle Modal

Demo Download

A Vue.js component to create customizable, dynamic, flexible, and pretty nice & clean modal windows & dialog boxes on the applications.

5. notivuecation


Demo Download

A promise-based alert and confirm dialog component for Vue.js.

6. Promise-based Modal Dialog Helper For Vue.js

Promise-based Modal Dialog Helper For Vue.js

Demo Download

his project is aimed to help developers to easily use dialogs by the advantage of Vue.js, Promise, and async function.

7. Reusable Modal Component For Vue

Reusable Modal Component For Vue

Demo Download

Reusable Modal component, supports own custom HTML, text and classes and/or passing a component. Featuring multiple modal content / buttons.

8. Vue Async Modal Component

Vue Async Modal Component

Demo Download

A flexible modal component for Vue with the ability of asynchronous lazy loading.

9. Modaltor


Demo Download

A simple and powerful dialog for Vue.js 2+, including Modal, Alert, Mask and Toast.

10. Stackable Modal Component For Vue.js

Stackable Modal Component For Vue.js

Demo Download

A library for modal dialogs which can be stacked by using z-index position.


Didn’t find a modal component for your app in this list? Don’t forget to check out our Vue.js Modal section for more components.

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