10 Best Modal/Popup/Dialog Components For Vue.js (2019 Update)

The modal & popup is a most commonly used component in Vue.js app that enables you to overlay any content (for example images, ajax contents, important alert messages, etc.) on top of the screen.

Here is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free modal window and dialog/popup box components created for Vue.js based web and mobile apps. Have fun!

Originally published Nov 17 2017,  updated Aug 17 2019

1. vue-js-modal


Demo Download

This is an easy yet highly customizable, mobile-friendly modal & dialog component for Vue.js 2+ app. Supports server-side rendering.

2. Vue 2 Simple Alert Component

Vue 2 Simple Alert Component

Demo Download

A simple alert dialog component for Vue.js 2, inspired by SweetAlert.

3. Elegant Animated Modal Component For Vue.js – vodal


Demo Download

An elegant, responsive, animated modal component for Vue.js that comes with more than 9 fancy animation types powered by CSS3.

4. vuejs-dialog

Promise Based Dialog Plugin For Vue.js

Demo Download

A lightweight, promise based Vue.js dialog component to create awesome alert, prompt and confirm dialog boxes on the web app.

5. vue-modal-dialogs


Demo Download

vue-modal-dialogs turns dialogs into Promises. Developers can build and control dialogs a lot easier in Vue.js applications. Especially in some complicated situations like controlling multiple dialogs, nested dialogs, etc.

6. iOS Inspired Dialog Component

iOS Inspired Dialog Component

Demo Download

A Vue.js 2+ popup component to create iOS style Alert, Confirm, Toast dialogs with ease.

7. vue-bootstrap-modal


Demo Download

A Bootstrap style modal component for Vue.js app.

8. vue-thin-modal


Demo Download

A Vue.js modal component that allows the user to open multiple modal windows at a time.

9. vue-dialog-drag


Demo Download

A draggable, touch-enabled dialog window component for Vue.js app.

10. v-dialogs


Demo Download

A simple and powerful dialog for Vue.js 2+, including Modal, Alert, Mask and Toast.


Didn’t find a modal component for your app in this list? Don’t forget to check out our Vue.js Modal section for more components.