7 Best Material Design Inspired Toast Components For Vue.js (2021 Update)

Toast is a messaging system introduced in Material Design that displays a small and auto-dismiss notification popup for alert, warning, info, error messages on the web app.

In this post, we’re going to share with you the 7 best Vue.js components that make it simple to implement the Toast Message system on your modern web & mobile applications. Have fun.

Let’s get started.

Originally published Sep 19, 2019,  updated Feb 26 2021

1. Toastr For Vue.js 2

Toastr For Vue.js 2

This is a lightweight yet fully configurable notification component that comes with 9 notification types: async, confirm, prompt, html, etc.

Demo Download

2. Create Beautiful Toast Message Using Vue And Bootstrap 4

Create Beautiful Toast Message Using Vue And Bootstrap 4

A Vue.js component which uses Bootstrap 4 toasts component to create beautiful, configurable toast-style notification popups on the app.

Demo Download

3. Vuetify Toast Snackbar Component

Vuetify Toast Snackbar Component

A really basic Vue toast service that uses Vuetify Snackbar component.

Demo Download

4. Vue Toastification

A Mobile Toast Plugin For Vue2

Toastification is a lightweight, configurable, pretty nice toast notification library for Vue.js apps.

Demo Download

5. vue-toast-notification

Show Toast Messages In Order – vue-toast-notification

Yet another Vue toast component to display customizable toast messages in order. This means that the new messages will be queued until the previous ones are hidden.

Demo Download

6. Vue-Easy-Toast

Easy Toaster Component For VueJS

An easy yet configurable and animated toast notification component for Vue.js.

Demo Download

7. Smart Toaster For Vue.js – v-toaster

Smart Toaster For Vue.js – v-toaster

a Vue.js toaster component used for displaying various types of toast messages (info, success, warning, error) in the application.

Demo Download


You can find more toast notification components on our Toast section.

Not a Vue.js user? We also provide another list of the 10 best toast notification solutions implemented in Vanilla JavaScript. I hope you like it.

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