7 Best Material Design Inspired Toast Components For Vue.js

Toast is a messaging system introduced in Material Design that displays a small and auto-dismiss notification popup for alert, warning, info, error messages on the web app.

In this post, we’re going to share with you the 7 best Vue.js components that make it simple to implement the Toast Message system on your modern web & mobile applications. Have fun.

Let’s get started.

1. vue-toasted


vue-toasted is a responsive, attractive,  touch-friendly, highly customizable toast component for Vue.js.

Key features:

  • Allows actions in the toast messages.
  • Custom icons. Supports Font Awesome, Material Icons, etc.
  • Allows to dismiss the toast messages with swipe off.
  • ‘success’, ‘info’, ‘error’ types.
  • 3 themes: ‘toasted-primary’, ‘outline’, ‘bubble’.

Demo Download

2. vue-snotify


This is a lightweight yet fully configurable notification component that comes with 9 notification types: async, confirm, prompt, html, etc.

Demo Download

3. vue2-toastr

Toastr Component For Vue2

A Vue.js 2+ component to create toastr inspired notifications on the web app. Smooth animations based on the Animate.css.

Demo Download

4. Vue-Easy-Toast

Easy Toaster Component For VueJS

An easy yet configurable and animated toast notification component for Vue.js.

Demo Download

5. vue-toastr


A toast-style notification component for Vue.js 2. Without any 3rd dependencies.

Demo Download

6. vue-izitoast


This is a Vue.js wrapper for the izitoast library to implement elegant, responsive, flexible notifications on the web app.

Demo Download

7. Vuex Toast Component

Vuex Toast Component

A simple toast notification component based on Vue.js and Vuex.

Demo Download


You can find more toast notification components on our Toast section.

Not a Vue.js user? We also provide another list of the 10 best toast notification solutions implemented in Vanilla JavaScript. I hope you like it.