Tiny Toast & Snackbar Component For Vue 3 – Mosha Vue Toastify


A lightweight yet fully configurable Vue notification library for creating toasts and snackbars on apps.

How to use it:

1. Import necessary components.

import { defineComponent } from 'vue'
import { createToast } from 'mosha-vue-toastify';
import 'mosha-vue-toastify/dist/style.css';

2. Enable a button to display a basic notification.

  <button @click="toast">Click Me</button>
export default defineComponent({
  name: 'myApp',
  setup () {
    const toast = () => {
      createToast('Basic Toast.')
    return { toast }

3. Add a title to the toast message.

  title: 'Toast title', 
  description: 'Toast description'

4. Available customization options.

  title: 'Toast title', 
  description: 'Toast description'
  type: 'default', // 'info', 'danger', 'warning', 'success', 'default'
  timeout: 5000,
  showCloseButton: true,
  position: 'top-right', // 'top-left', 'top-right', 'bottom-left', 'bottom-right', 'top-center', 'bottom-center'
  transition: 'bounce',
  hideProgressBar: false,
  swipeClose: true,
  toastBackgroundColor: '#fafafa',
  onClose: null


Tiny Toast & Snackbar Component For Vue 3 - Mosha Vue Toastify


v1.0.23 (09/19/2021)

  • Fixed: Toasts overlap each other when done in a ‘for’-ish type loop

v1.0.21 (08/30/2021)

  • chore: prevent touch-scroll event with css, set touchstart as passive

v1.0.19 (08/16/2021)

  • chore: update the text position

v1.0.18 (08/05/2021)

  • update

v1.0.17 (07/12/2021)

  • feat: exposing withProps function to accept props for custom component, parse html in description

v1.0.12 (06/14/2021)

  • bugfix

v1.0.11 (04/26/2021)

  • fix: bugfix on swipe

Download Details:

Author: szboynono

Live Demo: https://szboynono.github.io/mosha-vue-toastify/#playground

Download Link: https://github.com/szboynono/mosha-vue-toastify/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

Official Website: https://github.com/szboynono/mosha-vue-toastify

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add mosha-vue-toastify

$ npm i mosha-vue-toastify

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