Minimal Notification Popup Library For Vue.js – easy-notify

A lightweight and easy-to-use notification popup component for both server-side and client-side notification system.

Basic usage:

1. Install and import the vue-easy-notify.

import Vue from 'vue'
import NotifyPlugin from 'vue-easy-notify'
import 'vue-easy-notify/dist/vue-easy-notify.css'

2. Register the component.


3. Add the component to the template.


4. Show a notification popup on the app.

  message: 'Notification message.',
  type: 'info', // success, warning, error
  size:, 'lg' // or 'sm'
  timeout: 5000,
  showClose: true
// OR
this.$notifyInfo('This is info messsage.');
this.$notifySuccess('This is success messsage.');
this.$notifyWarning('This is warning messsage!');
this.$notifyError('This is error messsage!');


Minimal Notification Popup Library For Vue.js - easy-notify

Download Details:

Author: AhmadWaleed

Live Demo: /demo/notification-popup-easy-notify/

Download Link:

Official Website:

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-easy-notify

$ npm i vue-easy-notify --save

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