Nice Clean Date Picker For Vue.js

A responsive date picker for Vue.js, with nice transition and clean design.


Nice Clean Date Picker For Vue.js


v0.2.11 (11/16/2020)

  • Design has change a little (days will be bigger on fullscreen mobile)
  • New slot : ‘input-icon’ Allows to use a custom icon inside input

v0.2.10 (11/13/2020)

  • (Style): Updated style/design for mobile/desktop

v0.2.10 (11/12/2020)

  • Fixed presets (range wasn’t updated)

v0.2.6 (08/20/2020)

  • Fixed lang in date range

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Author: mathieustan

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Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add @mathieustan/vue-datepicker

$ npm install @mathieustan/vue-datepicker --save

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