5 Best Vue.js Calendar Components To Render Event Calendars On The App

A calendar is one of the most important components used to display tasks, schedules, appointments, meetings in an elegant way.

This is a hand-picked list of 5 best Vue.js components to help create various calendars you might need in the next Vue.js project. Have fun.

1. Clean And Lightweight Calendar Plugin For Vue.js – V-Calendar


Demo Download

A lightweight, dependency-free plugin for building attributed calendars in Vue.js.

3. vue-event-calendar


Demo Download

A responsive and mobile-first calendar component to display your events in a custom calendar interface.

4. vue-simple-calendar


Demo Download

A multi-language, customizable, mobile-friendly calendar component to manage and display events in week, month, and year views.

5. vue-cal


Demo Download

A Vue.js full calendar component for your web app.

  • default active view
  • Enable / disable views
  • Hide / show weekends
  • Add timeline w/ timerange & increment
  • Add timeline
  • time format 12/24 h
  • Support for i18n
  • Split days
  • Support events
  • Background events
  • Overlap events
  • Keep only default style in CSS
  • Allow custom arrows
  • Default active date
  • Double tap on touch devices
  • 1st NPM Release!
  • Built-in themes
  • Resize events
  • Delete events
  • Emit DOM events
  • Event indicator on month view
  • Custom time format
  • Highlight current time
  • Show events on month view
  • sync 2 vue-cal instances
  • Add CSS transitions
  • Multiple day events
  • Custom events rendering
  • Custom callback on event click
  • Option to start week on Sunday
  • All day events in top bar
  • Custom cell rendering
  • Events count on year(s) views
  • Create new event
  • min & max dates
  • Today button
  • Externalize locales
  • Support more simultaneous events
  • Sticky day splits labels
  • Hide particular weekdays
  • Optional week number

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