10 Best Progress Bar Components For Vue.js App

A progress bar component can be used to visualize the current state (e.g. content loading, count down/up, etc) in the app and show your users the remaining times to wait before performing the next action.

In this blog post, you will find the 10 best and most downloaded Vue.js components to help developers create modern customizable progress bars on the web app. Enjoy.

1. vue-progressbar


Demo Download

A lightweight yet customizable and versatile progress bar component for vue 2.x & Vue 1.x.


  • Custom color, thickness, location, etc.
  • Smooth transitions.
  • Allows you to stick the progress to the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Auto finish when reaching 100%.
  • Supports vue-route.

2. ins-progress-bar

Instagram Progress Bar For Vue.js-min

Demo Download

A Vue.js component to create dynamic Instagram inspired gradient progress bars/loading indicators for the web app.

3. vue-radial-progress

Radial Progressbar Component For Vue JS

Demo Download

A Vue JS component to generate an animated radial (rounded) SVG progress bar for your web applications.


  • Custom steps.
  • Custom colors.
  • Configurable animations.

4. vue-progress-path

Path Progress Indicator For Vue.js

Demo Download

A fancy Vue.js component to create animated progress bars and loading indicators using SVG paths.

5. vue-circle-progress


Demo Download

A minimal Vue.js component to draw animated circular progress bars with or without percentage text.

6. v-circle

Circle Progressbar Component For Vue.js - v-circle

Demo Download

A multi-purpose Vue.js component to render circular progress bars using SVG, canvas, or PURE CSS.

7. vue-multiple-progress

Demo Download

A highly customizable Vue.js component to generate linear or circular progress bars using SVG.


  • Display percent
  • Custom styles
  • Striped progress bars
  • built-in themes (states).

8. svg-progress-bar

Circular SVG Progress Bar

Demo Download

An SVG based progress bar component that supports both line & circle shapes.

9. easy-circular-progress

Easy Circular Progress Component For Vue

Demo Download

An easy circular progress component with counting effect.

10. vue-simple-progress

Slim Flexible Progress Bar For Vue.js

Demo Download

Simple, slim, configurable, horizontal progress bars in Vue.js.


If you’re looking for more Vue.js components to visualize your numerical data, don’t forget to check out our Progress Bar section.

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