7 Best Chart Libraries To Visualize Data In Vue.js App

Data visualization is a trending web & mobile development technology that engages your users to explore data in a simple & clear way.

Want to have a chart libraries to visualize various types of data in your Vue.js app.

Have you found that it is difficult to integrate the popular JavaScript chart library with your web applications?

Here is a list of 7 best and top-rated charting and graphing libraries for Vue.js that makes it easier to plot the data you provide to interactive, customizable charts & graphs on the web app. Have fun.

7 Best Chart Libraries For Vue.js:

1. Vue 2 Wrapper For Chart.Js

Vue.js Chart.Js Wrapper Scatter Chart

Scatter Chart

Demo Download

This is a Vue.js wrapper for the popular chart.js that helps developers generate professional reusable charts on the Vue.js application.

2. Vue-ECharts

ECharts Component For Vue.js Scatter plot Chart

Demo Download

A set of lightweight, efficient Vue.js chart components based on the Echart.js library.

3. vue-chartkick

Vue Chartkick Line Chart

Vue Chartkick Line Chart

Demo Download

Vue Chartkick is a lightweight Vue.js component for creating beautiful charts using Chart.jsGoogle Charts, and Highcharts.

4. TradingVue.js


Demo Download

A hackable charting lib for traders to create candlestick charts.

5. vue-bar

Simple Elegant Spark Bars For Vue.js

Demo Download

Creating simple, elegant, animated spark bars in Vue.js applications.

6. x-chart


Demo Download

x-chart is a draggable & resizable data visualization dashboard. Based on Vue.jsVue-echarts and vue-grid-layout.

7. vue-tree-chart

Tree Chart Component For Vue.js 2+

Demo Download

A Vue.js 2 component to render a tree chart from JSON data.

More Resources:

There are many chart libraries out there and the libraries listed here are just a few of those popular chart libraries.

To find more JavaScript libraries and Vue.js components for data visualization, here are a few more resources available online:

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