10 Best Chart Libraries To Visualize Data In Vue.js App (2023 Update)

Data visualization is a trending web & mobile development technology that engages your users to explore data in a simple & clear way.

Want to have a chart library to visualize various types of data in your Vue.js app.

Have you found that it is difficult to integrate the popular JavaScript chart library with your web applications?

Here is a list of the 10 best and top-rated charting and graphing libraries for Vue.js that makes it easier to plot the data you provide to interactive, customizable charts & graphs on the web app. Have fun.

Originally published Feb 12 2020, updated Mar 06 2023

10 Best Chart Libraries For Vue.js:

1. Vue.js Wrapper For Chart.js

Vue.js Wrapper For Chart.js

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A Vue.js wrapper for Chart.js that helps you create reuseable charts for your Vuejs applications.

2. Candlestick Chart Library – TradingVue.js

Candlestick Chart Library – TradingVue.js

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A feature-rich Vue.js charting library to generate highly customizable candlestick and sparkline charts for traders.

3. vue-chartkick

Vue Chartkick Line Chart

Vue Chartkick Line Chart

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Vue Chartkick is a lightweight Vue.js component for creating beautiful charts using Chart.jsGoogle Charts, and Highcharts.

4. vue-super-flow


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An editable flow chart library for Vue applications.

5. vue-tradingview


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A tradingview chart using Vue 2, Vuex and TypeScript.

6. tree-chart


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Flexible tree chart using Canvas and Svg, powered by D3.js; Support Vue, Vue3 and React.

7. org-chart


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Highly customizable d3 org chart. Integrations available for Angular, React, and Vue.

8. Reactive Vue.js Wrapper For Google Charts – GChart

Reactive Vue.js Wrapper For Google Charts – GChart

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A Vue.js wrapper for the original Google Charts that features reactive data binding. A chart will be redrawn automatically once the data, type, and options prop is changed.

9. Simple Draggable Gantt Chart For Vue – Ganttastic

Simple Draggable Gantt Chart For Vue – Ganttastic

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A small Vue.js component to render a configurable, draggable Gantt chart on the web applications.

10. SVG-based Charting Library For Vue 3

Reactive Vue.js Wrapper For Google Charts – GChart

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An easy, extensible, intuitive data visualization library for generating SVG-based charts in Vue 3 applications.

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There are many chart libraries out there and the libraries listed here are just a few of those popular chart libraries.

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