Simple Draggable Gantt Chart For Vue – Ganttastic

Install & Download:

$ npm install vue-ganttastic --save


Ganttastic is a small Vue.js component to render a configurable, draggable Gantt chart on web applications.


  • Time Grid
  • Highlight rows on hover.
  • Show/hide time-axis.
  • Custom styles & themes.

Basic usage:

1. Import the Ganttastic component after installation.

import {GGanttChart, GGanttBar} from 'vue-ganttastic'

2. Add the component to the template and define your data for the Gantt chart.

  chart-start="2020-03-01 00:00"
  chart-end="2020-03-03 00:00"
  <g-gantt-row label="My row #1"/>
  <g-gantt-row label="My row #2"/>
  <g-gantt-row label="My row #3"/>
export default {
      myChartStart: "2020-03-01 00:00"
      myChartEnd: "2020-03-02 00:00"
      myBars: [
          myBarStart: "2020-03-01 01:30",
          myBarEnd: "2020-03-01 06:00"
          myBarStart: "2020-03-01 15:10",
          myBarEnd: "2020-03-01 20:00"

3. Available props to config the Gantt chart.

// start date
chartStart: {type: String, default: moment().startOf("day").format("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss")},
// end date
chartEnd: {type: String, default: moment().startOf("day").add(12,"hours").format("YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss")},
// hide or show time axis
hideTimeaxis: Boolean,
// width of row labels
rowLabelWidth: {type: String, default: "10%"},
// row height
rowHeight: {type: Number, default: 40},
// local
locale: {type: String, default: "en"},
// theme name
theme: String,
// show or hide time grid
grid: Boolean,
// an array of highlighted hours
highlightedHours: {type: Array, default: () => []},
// the total width of the entire ganttastic component in %
width: {type: String, default: "100%"},
// pusn on overlap
pushOnOverlap: {type: Boolean},
// snap background on overlap
snapBackOnOverlap: {type: Boolean},
//  minimum gap between bars
minGapBetweenBars: {
  type: Number,
  default: 0


Simple Draggable Gantt Chart For Vue - Ganttastic


v2.3.2 (03/30/2024)

  • Bugfix/adjusting blank labels and label column

v2.3.1 (03/19/2024)

  • Feature: The precision prop supports the long-awaited value week for rendering calendar weeks in the timeaxis.
  • Feature: New props label-column-titleand label-column-width for rendering the row labels in a dedicated column on the left side of the chart. Corresponding slots label-column-titleand label-column-row have been added, too!
  • Feature: New props current-time-marker and current-time-label for displaying a dashed vertical line on the chart which represents the current time and an optional text next to it. A slot current-time-label has been added, too!
  • Feature: New property in ganttBarConfig: html for rendering HTML within a bar (make sure to sanitize the value to prevent HTML injections!)
  • Fix: The label of a row is not rendered if it is blank

v2.2.0 (08/15/2023)

  • Native JavaScript Date objects may

v2.1.4 (01/25/2023)

  • Native JavaScript Date objects may now be used for the props chart-start and chart-end, as well as for the bar-start and bar-end properties of used bar objects. if this is your use case, simply pass false to the dateFormat prop of the g-gantt-chart component

v2.1.3 (11/26/2022)

  • improved performance when dragging bar by removing redundant getBoundingClientRect calls and by using utility functions from vue-use
  • Bug fix: when a bar with no bundle-ID is pushed while push-on-overlap is active, other bars with a falsy bundle-ID won’t be moved anymore

v2.1.2 (10/22/2022)

  • update

v2.1.1 (09/21/2022)

  • exposed types for library users
  • provided context with new composable ‘useContext’
  • fixed minor type issues
  • updated styles:
  • using correct typographic character for range values
  • using numeric font variant so that dates always take up the same width
  • aligned wording getRowsInChart and getChartRows

v2.0.5 (07/24/2022)

  • Added “click-bar” event

v2.0.4 (05/08/2022)

  • Bugfix

v2.0.2 (02/05/2022)

  • Bugfix

v2.0.1 (01/08/2022)

  • Fix: bars re-position themselves when chartStart/chartEnd changes

v2.0.0 (01/05/2022)

  • Added vue 3 support.

v0.9.32 (01/13/2021)

  • Highlighting on hover works while dragging a HTML element over a gantt row

v0.9.30 (01/11/2021)

  • Added prop for specifying minimum gap between bars in minutes

v0.9.23 (07/02/2020)

  • Fix: bars with pushOnOverlap: false not considered when computing drag limits

v0.9.15 (06/16/2020)

  • Fixed bug when immobile bar is 0 pixels away from bar about to be dragged
  • Immobile bars also emit a mousedown event now (but they cannot be dragged)
  • Started working on special “shadow” bars
  • Updated NPM package version

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