7 Best Icon Components For Vue.js

When you’re building modern web applications, it is a common task of adding custom icons to UI components such as navigation menus, product lists, social share widgets, user profiles, and etc.

To simplify this task, we collect and list here the 7 best icon components that make it simple to insert beautiful and open source icons as components into your Vue.js app. Have fun.

1. vue-awesome


Demo Download

This is an awesome SVG icon component for Vue.js app, built with Font Awesome icons.  Features scalable, custom icon, spin/pulse/flip animations, and much more.

2. vue-svgicon


Demo Download

A Vue.js icon generator to generate inline SVG icons for your web app.

3. vue-unicons


Demo Download

A large list of 1000+ pixel-perfect SVG icons for your next project as Vue components.

4. vue-svg-icon


Demo Download

A colorful SVG icon solution for Vue.js

5. vue-feather-icons


Demo Download

280+ simply beautiful open source icons as Vue functional components.

6. ant-design-icons


Demo Download

Ant Design SVG Icons for Vue.js, Angular, and ReactJS.

7. vue-eva-icons


Demo Download

480 beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components.

More Resources:

Looking for more open source icons for your next design project? Here are a few resources we found around the web:

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