5 Best Form Generator Components For Vue.js (2022 Update)

What Is Form Generator Component?

Form Generator (Vue.js) is a UI component that helps app developers quickly generate dynamic online forms such as contact forms, surveys, questionnaires, bill forms, and more.

The Best Form Generator Component

Looking for a dynamic form generator component for your Vue.js applications?

This is a list of 5 best most popular and top downloaded Vue.js components that help you dynamically generate powerful, customizable form fields from JSON schema. Enjoy.

Originally published Oct 10 2019, updated Feb 28 2022

1. ncform


Demo Download

A nice form development way that generates form UIs and their interactions with just configuration.

2. vue-form-builder


Demo Download

Super Form Builder built on top of Vue with Drag & Drop functionality, savable-form-schema and easy to maintain/upgrade your form.

3. Vue-Form-Base

Vue 2.0 Form Generator – Vue-Form-Base

Demo Download

A Vue 2.0 Component and Form-Generator for editing plain or deep nested Javascript objects getting a reactive Result.

4. Clean & Minimal Form Components

Clean & Minimal Form Components

Demo Download

A collection of minimal clean form components for Vue.js app.

5. Vue Form JSON Schema

Vue Form JSON Schema

Demo Download

A JSON schema based form generator, bring your components!


Looking for more form generator components for your applications? Check out our Vue.js Builder section for more components.

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