5 Best Form Generator Components For Vue.js (2021 Update)

What Is Form Generator Component?

Form Generator (Vue.js) is a UI component that helps app developers quickly generate dynamic online forms such as contact forms, surveys, questionnaires, bill forms, and more.

The Best Form Generator Component

Looking for a dynamic form generator component for your Vue.js applications?

This is a list of 5 best most popular and top downloaded Vue.js components that help you dynamically generate powerful, customizable form fields from JSON schema. Enjoy.

Originally published Oct 10 2019,  updated Jan 22 2021

1. vue-form-generator


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A lightweight, easy-to-extend, JSON schema-based form generator component for Vue.js, with support for custom styles, built-in field validators,

2. Schema-based Form Generator

Schema-based Form Generator

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Schema-based form generator for Vue.js 2+, based on Vuetify.

3. Vue 2.0 Form Generator – Vue-Form-Base

Vue 2.0 Form Generator – Vue-Form-Base

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A Vue 2.0 Component and Form-Generator for editing plain or deep nested Javascript objects getting a reactive Result.

4. Schema-based Form Builder – vue-form-generator

Schema-based Form Builder – vue-form-generator

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A schema-based form generator component for Vue.js.

5. Dynamically Create Reactive Forms In Vue

Dynamically Create Reactive Forms In Vue

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Yet another Vue.js 2 & 3 component that provides an easy way to dynamically create reactive forms based on a varying business object model.


Looking for more form generator components for your applications? Check out our Vue.js Builder section for more components.

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