7 Best Loading/Progress Indicator Libraries For Vue.js

A loading/progress indicator provides an easy way to show the current loading status while data in a specific area or the whole document is loading.

This is a curated list of 7 best components and JavaScript libraries for Vue.js applications to create awesome loading & progress indicators during HTTP requests, routing change, or all you want. Enjoy.

1. vue-content-loader


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A loading component to create performant, highly customizable placeholder loading indicators, like Facebook cards loading.

2. vue-wait


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vue-wait helps to manage multiple loading states on the page without any conflict.

3. vue-progressbar


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A lightweight yet customizable and versatile progress bar component for vue 2.x & Vue 1.x.


  • Custom color, thickness, location, etc.
  • Smooth transitions.
  • Allows you to stick the progress to the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Auto finish when reaching 100%.
  • Supports vue-route.

4. Facebook Style Loading Cards For Vue.js

Facebook Style Loading Cards For Vue.js

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A Vue component to easily create SVG based loading cards just you seen on Facebook.

5. Fullscreen Loading Indicator For Vue.js 2

Fullscreen Loading Indicator For Vue.js 2

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Vue.js v2.x component for full-screen loading indicator.

6. Vue Loading Spinner Collection

Vue Loading Spinner Collection

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Just another collection of loading spinners for Vue.js based web applications.

7. SVG Loading Spinners For Vue.js

SVG Loading Spinners For Vue.js

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A simple component that allows to insert SVG based loading indicators/spinners to your Vue.js applications.

More Resources:

You might not need a Vue.js component or UI library to create loading & progress indicates on your app. Here are a few resources which you can achieve it via Vanilla JavaScript or Pure CSS:

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