Promise Dialog Component For Vue 3

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Just another Vue 3 dialog component that works as promises.

The dialogs can be opened by calling a function that returns a promise and once the user enters data into the dialog and closes it, the promise resolves with the data the user entered.

Basic Usage:

1. Import and register the promise dialog.


2. Add the DialogWrapper component to the template.

  <div id="app">
    <DialogWrapper :transition-attrs="{name: 'dialog'}"/>

3. Open the dialog.

let result = await openDialog(MyDialog, myProps);
// OR
export async function confirm(text: string) {
  return await openDialog(ConfirmDialog, {text});
let ok = await confirm("Are you sure ?");


Promise Dialog Component For Vue 3


v0.3.4 (04/21/2022)

  • update

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