Dropdown Time Picker For Vue 2.x

A dropdown time picker (hour|minute|second) for Vue 2.x, with flexible time format support.




v1.1.6 (01/17/2021)

  • Support appending the dropdown menu to the document body with append-to-body
  • In Manual Input mode, support jumping to the next token slot with a colon (:) or space ( ) key
  • Return full data on blur and close events as per the change event

v1.1.5 (09/20/2020)

  • Support changing dropdown direction with the drop-direction property. It accepts three string values: “up”, “auto” and “down” (default).
  • Additional container-id and drop-offset-height as helpers for the “auto” drop direction. Please check the documentation for more info.

v1.1.4 (08/16/2020)

  • Support customized clear button and dropdown button with the clearButton and dropdownButton v-slot
  • Added new icon v-slot for displaying an extra input icon.
  • Added new fixed-dropdown-button property, to make the dropdown button always visible.

Download Details:

Author: phoenixwong

Live Demo: https://phoenixwong.github.io/vue2-timepicker/

Download Link: https://github.com/phoenixwong/vue2-timepicker/archive/master.zip

Official Website: https://github.com/phoenixwong/vue2-timepicker

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue2-timepicker

$ npm i vue2-timepicker --save

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