Vue Web Storage Component

A minimalistic Vue.js plugin for web storage that supports both localStorage or sessionStorage.


  • Prefix all of your stored keys
  • Auto JSON.stringify and JSON.parse
  • Events for cross tab communication


Vue Web Storage Component


v6.1.0 (01/17/2020)

  • Add: Provide / inject feature when using the Composition API

v6.0.0 (11/15/2020)

  • Upgrade to Vue 3

v5.0.1 (11/08/2020)

  • Update deps

v5.0.0 (10/07/2020)

  • Convert codebase to typescript
  • Throw error when failed to parse stored value during JSON.parse()
  • Throw error when failed to store value in storage during JSON.stringify()

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Author: ankurk91

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# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-web-storage

$ npm install vue-web-storage --save

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