Pretty Mobile-friendly Navbar Component – navigation-bar


A simple, pretty, mobile-friendly navbar component for your Vue projects.

This component gives you a standard looking navigation bar for your app that can be easily defined using JSON or just an array of objects.


Pretty Navbar Component For Vue


v4.1.0 (11/15/2020)

  • Adds a tooltipPlacement prop that will let users set their desired dropdown placement

v4.0.1 (07/18/2020)

  • If you’re using the isUsingVueRouter option, you’ll need to provide and Object with a name property corresponding to a route. You can set isUsingVueRouter to false to keep using the string option.

v3.0.0 (07/08/2020)

  • Updating color options for icons

v2.1.1 (07/07/2020)

  • Fixing error in tippy usage

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Author: johndatserakis

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# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-navigation-bar

$ npm install vue-navigation-bar --save

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