Modern Beautiful Marquee Component – Vue Marquee

A modern marquee component designed to create automatic horizontal scrollers with gradient fade effects.

How to use it:

1. Import and register the marquee component.

import { Marquee } from "@selemondev/vue3-marquee";
import "@selemondev/vue3-marquee/dist/style.css"
import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
const app = createApp(App);
app.component('Marquee', Marquee)

2. Add your content to the marquee component. That’s it.

  <div>Content 1</div>
  <div>Content 2</div>
  <div>Content 3</div>

3. Available props to customize the marquee effect.

direction?: "left" | "up";
pauseOnHover?: boolean;
reverse?: boolean;
fade?: boolean;
innerClassName?: string;
numberOfCopies?: number;


Modern Beautiful Marquee Component


v0.0.8 (02/24/2024)

  • Bugfix

Download Details:

Author: selemondev

Live Demo:

Download Link:

Official Website:

Install & Download:

$ npm install @selemondev/vue3-marquee

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