International Telephone Input With Vue


An International Telephone Input built with Vue.


International Telephone Input With Vue


v5.6.2 (08/14/2021)

  • fix: highlighted item class doesn’t work

v5.6.1 (08/03/2021)

  • fix: Cannot read property ‘toUpperCase’ of null
  • feat: Add prop to disable dropdown options dropdownOptions.disabled
  • feat: Add aria-describedby for inputOptions prop

v5.5.0 (06/26/2021)

  • Remove postinstall script

v5.4.0 (06/19/2021)

  • Update dependencies and add new build target for modern browsers

v5.3.0 (05/26/2021)

  • Use v-if instead of v-show for countries list

v5.2.0 (04/04/2021)

  • Update

v5.1.0 (02/21/2021)

  • Add option to import separate css files (including sprite.css and component.css):

v5.0.3 (01/21/2021)

  • Make¬†inputOptions.placeholder¬†prop reactive

v5.0.2 (01/16/2021)

  • Updated

v5.0.1 (01/16/2021)

  • Updated

v5.0.0 beta 3 (01/14/2021)

  • Move props to `inputOptions` and `dropdownOptions`

v5.0.0 (01/10/2021)

  • v5.0.0 beta

v4.4.2 (10/20/2020)

  • Replace .finally() with .then() to work in all browsers

v4.4.1 (10/04/2020)

  • Update awesome-phonenumber to v2.32.0
  • Keep the order of only-countries alphabetically
  • Pressing Enter to select country does not re-validate phone

v4.4.0 (04/02/2020)

  • Add readonly prop
  • Fix bug flag shows countries not included in only-countries prop

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Author: iamstevendao

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Install & Download:

$ npm install vue-tel-input --save

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