Draggable And Resizable Component For Vue.js

Install & Download:

$ npm install --save vue-draggable-resizable


A Vue.js component to create draggable and/or resizable elements in an elegant way.


  • No dependencies
  • Touch friendly
  • Maintain aspect ratio
  • Use draggable, resizable or both
  • Define handles for resizing
  • Restrict size and movement to parent element
  • Snap element to custom grid
  • Restrict drag to vertical or horizontal axis
  • Provide your own markup for handles


Draggable And Resizable Component For Vue.js 2


v3.0.0 (12/18/2020)

  • Update

v2.3.0 (12/18/2020)

  • scale prop supports one or two values
  • component with active prop to true emits activated
  • upgrade vue-test-utils
  • small bugfixes

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