Create Draggable Elements In Vue – v-drag

v-drag might be the simplest way to integrate drag on Vue.js 3 or Vue.js 2 applications.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the v-drag.

import drag from "v-drag"

2. Register the plugin.

Vue.use(drag, {
  // options here

3. Create a draggable element. That’s it.

<div v-drag>
  Drag me!


Create Draggable Elements In Vue - v-drag


v3.0.9 (02/05/2023)

  • core: add ‘v-drag-start’ event

v3.0.8 (08/10/2022)

  • core: fix updatedHook error

v3.0.0 (06/04/2022)

  • Snap dragging to a grid
  • Vue events
  • Keep CSS transitions
  • Support for both Vue2 and Vue3
  • Declare handles with Refs
  • Bug fixes

v2.1.6 (05/24/2022)

  • Remove text selection while dragging

v2.1.5 (05/14/2022)

  • Bugfix

Download Details:

Author: nil

Live Demo:

Download Link:

Official Website:

Install & Download:

$ npm install v-drag --save

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