Vue Hotel Datepicker Component


A Vue date range picker component based on Hotel Datepicker.


Vue Hotel Datepicker Component


v4.3.0 (02/13/2021)

  • Improved price styling
  • Added price currency symbol string, for instance: ‘$’, ‘EUR’. The new prop is priceSymbol, default at empty string

v4.2.0 (02/11/2021)

  • Fixed: Disabled dates not updating when new dates are added

v4.1.0 (01/14/2021)

  • correct configuration in i18n fecha package
  • Italian added on demo (dev) page
  • new prop yearBeforeMonth

v3.0.10 (06/10/2020)

  • Hotfix for Safari style

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Author: krystalcampioni

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Install & Download:

npm install vue-hotel-datepicker

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