Customizable Feature-rich UI Components Library – PrimeVue

PrimeVue is a rich set of open-source UI components designed explicitly for Vue.js. It boasts over 80+ impressive components that cover a wide range of UI needs, making it the most complete solution for developers seeking to build beautiful and functional Vue applications.


  • Extensive component library: From basic inputs and buttons to complex data tables and charts, PrimeVue provides everything you need to build modern and interactive UIs.
  • Vue 3 compatibility: PrimeVue is built with full Vue 3 support, ensuring seamless integration with the latest version of the framework.
  • Design-agnostic & themeable: The library is designed to be compatible with any design system or theme you choose, offering flexibility and customization.
  • Comprehensive documentation: PrimeVue is accompanied by extensive and well-structured documentation that makes it easy to learn and use the components.
  • Open-source and community-driven:* As an open-source project, PrimeVue benefits from a strong and active community that contributes to its development and provides valuable support.


Customizable Feature-rich UI Components Library PrimeVue



  • v3.49.0

Download Details:

Author: primefaces

Live Demo:

Download Link:

Official Website:

Install & Download:

# Using npm
npm install primevue

# Using yarn
yarn add primevue

# Using pnpm
pnpm add primevue

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