Star Rating Component For Vue 2 & 3

Install & Download:

npm install vue-star-rating


A simple, highly customisable star rating component for Vue 2.x and 3.x.


  • SVG stars – scale without loss of quality.
  • Customisable rating increments.
  • Customisable colors.
  • Customisable number of stars.
  • Create read-only stars.


Star Rating Component For Vue 2


v2.1.0 (10/08/2020)

  • New animate prop added which slightly rotates and expands the star on mouseover
  • New active-on-click prop applies active colors on click rather than on hover when set to true
  • New active-border-color prop, which allows border colour to be changed when star is active
  • active-color and active-border-color now optionally accept an array of color values to color each star individually
    glow no longer requires glow-color to be set
  • Screen readers are now supported. You can change the default message (“Rated {{rating}} out of {{maxRating}} stars”) by using the screen-reader scoped slot

v2.0.3 (09/26/2020)

  • Fixes an issue where glow is always on, which is prominent on dark background

v2 (09/24/2020)

  • Updated for Vue.js 3

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