Restful Admin Panel For Vue.js – REST-ADMIN

A Powerful Admin Dashboard based on Vue.js and Bootstrap v4.

It makes it easier to build an admin dashboard for any backend services. All you need to do is just provide a RESTful api for it.


  • Based on the latest Bootstrap(v4) and Vue.js, it means you can easily change any skin based on bootstrap css framework.
  • Plain vue.js project, can be used for any backend restful api.
  • Powerful Data Table with sorting, pagination, searching, display images…
  • Powerful Data Form Builder can display/edit any value of text, image, boolean…
  • Fully support for Resource-based CRUD option.
  • English based fully i18n support.
  • Highly Configurable site info. Such as: site name, logo, Menu and footer…
  • Production ready. It has been used in two projects in our company.



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Author: wxs77577

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# Yarn
$ yarn add rest-admin

$ npm install rest-admin --save

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