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Fake Discord Messages In Vue

Vue components to easily build and display fake Discord messages on your web app. Features: Design modeled after Discord itself Comfy and compact mode support Dark and light themes support Set the message author’s username Set the message author’s avatar (choose from the default avatars or provide your own) Set the message author’s role color Display the “bot” tag on messages Display fake user, role, and channel mentions Highlight mentions (for when the “logged in user” is pinged) Set mention colors (only used for role pings) Complete embed support Simple syntax! Preview: Changelog: v5.0.2 (01/04/2021) Fix word wrap overflow issue

Chrome Style Tabs Component For Vue.js – vue-tabs-chrome

A small Vue.js component that creates responsive, draggable, Chrome browser style tabs for tabbed content. How to use it: Insert the component into the template. <template> <vue-tabs-chrome v-model=”tab” :tabs=”tabs” /> </template> Create a basic tabs component and define the label, key, and favicon for each tab as follows: export default { data () { return { tab: ‘Custom Tab’, tabs: } }

Beautiful Vue Chat Component

vue-beautiful-chat provides an intercom-like chat window that can be included easily in any project for free. It provides no messaging facilities, only the view component.