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Beautiful Vue Chat Component

vue-beautiful-chat provides an intercom-like chat window that can be included easily in any project for free. It provides no messaging facilities, only the view component.

Realtime Conversation Chat – vue-advanced-chat

vue-advanced-chat is a live chat library to create a flexible, customizable, realtime conversation chat on the Vue.js app. Supports images, files, emojis, message editing, light/dark themes, How to use it: 1. Install and import the necessary resources into your project. import ChatWindow from ‘vue-advanced-chat’ import ‘vue-advanced-chat/dist/vue-advanced-chat.css’ 2. Create a new chat window component in your template. <template> <chat-window :currentUserId=”currentUserId” :rooms=”rooms” :messages=”messages” /> </template> 3. Full props to customize the conversation chat window. height: { type: String, default: ‘600px’ }, theme: { type: String, default: ‘light’ }, colors: { type: Object, default: null }, textMessages: { type: Object, default: null },