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Latest free modal window and dialog popup components for Vue.js apps.

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Custom Elegant Modal Dialog Component – Eagle Modal

Eagle Modal is a Vue.js component to create customizable, dynamic, flexible, and pretty nice & clean modal windows & dialog boxes on the applications. How to use it: 1. Install the package and import & register the Eagle Modal module. import {EagleModal} from ‘vue-eagle-modal’ Vue.use(EagleModal); 2. Create a basic modal window. <template> <eModal v-model=’modal’ ref=’modal’></eModal> </template> <script> export default { components: {eModal}, data(){ return { modal:{ title: ‘Modal Title’, items: , } } }, mounted(){ this.$; }, } </script> 3. Or create an alert dialog. mounted(){ this.$modals.alert({ title: ‘Custom Alert’,