Menu/Contextmenu Component For Vue2

Install & Download:

npm install --save @hscmap/vue-menu


A multi-functional dropdown menu / context menu component for Vue.js 2+ applications.


  • Menu component for vue2
  • Deeply nested menu supported
  • Props “checked” & “disabled”
  • Keyboard interactions
  • Y-scrollable if necessary
  • Contextmenu
  • 3 built-in themes (black, white, and metal)
  • Customizable color
  • Menu items can contain any HTML not only text
  • Tested on Safari10, Chrom60, Firefox55, IE11, Edge38 for PCs

How to use it:

1. Import and register the menu componnet.

import Vue from 'vue'
import * as VueMenu from '@hscmap/vue-menu'

2. Add the component to the template.

    <hsc-menu-bar style="border-radius: 0 0 4pt 0;">
      <hsc-menu-bar-item label="File">
        <hsc-menu-item label="New" @click="window.alert('New')" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Open" @click="window.alert('Open')" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Save" @click="window.alert('Save')" :disabled="true" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Export to">
          <hsc-menu-item label="PDF" />
          <hsc-menu-item label="HTML" />
      <hsc-menu-bar-item label="Edit">
        <hsc-menu-item label="Undo" keybind="meta+z" @click="window.alert('Undo')" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Cut" keybind="meta+x" @click="window.alert('Cut')" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Copy" keybind="meta+c" @click="window.alert('Copy')" />
        <hsc-menu-item label="Paste" keybind="meta+v" @click="window.alert('Paste')" :disabled="true" />


Menu Contextmenu Component For Vue2



  • v2.10.1

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