Interactive Organization Chart For Vue


A complete solution to generate and publish an orgchart without the need of a webserver and database.


  • Just runs everywhere, no install, no webserver, no database needed!
  • Edit in excel (bulk updates, external source)
  • Edit in the webpage
  • Supports multiple 1000’s departments
  • Panzoom and interactive expansion of subdepartments
  • Deeplinks to departments
  • Save as image
  • Search for departments and managers
  • Add employees to departments
  • Use photo’s from api (not included), or local folder
  • Click on employee to link to api (not included) or local folder


Interactive Organization Chart For Vue


v1.2.0 (07/09/2021)

  • Several bug/vulnerability fixes
  • Some small UI fixes
  • Enable a custom size of the department boxes

v1.1.0 (10/11/2020)

  • Add functionality to change the title bar
  • Add functionality to completely delete employees
  • Several screen improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • v1.0.0

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Author: Hoogkamer

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