Fullscreen Loading Indicator For Vue.js 2


Vue.js v2.x component for full-screen loading indicator.


Fullscreen Loading Indicator For Vue.js 2


v3.4.2 (11/08/2020)

  • Updated deps

v3.4.1 (09/21/2020)

  • Add: Lock scroll feature
  • Add: blur prop to blur the background
  • Add type definitions

v3.3.4 (08/25/2020)

  • Fix: restore broken IE 11 support

v3.3.3 (08/08/2020)

  • Bugfix

Download Details:

Author: ankurk91

Live Demo: https://jsfiddle.net/ankurk91/w8y8k5wo/

Download Link: https://github.com/ankurk91/vue-loading-overlay/archive/master.zip

Official Website: https://github.com/ankurk91/vue-loading-overlay

Install & Download:

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