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Beautiful File Uploader With Preview – File Agent

File Agent is a powerful, responsive, customizable, drag’n’drop file uploader component for Vue.js. More features: File preview: Image, Video, Audio. File type icon. Smooth transitions. Server side validation and error handling. Supports PHP and Node.js. And much more. Basic usage: Install and import the Vue File Agent component. import Vue from ‘vue’; import VueFileAgent from ‘vue-file-agent’; import VueFileAgentStyles from ‘vue-file-agent/dist/vue-file-agent.css’; Register the component and we’re ready to go. Vue.use(VueFileAgent); Create a new file upload component. <template> <VueFileAgent :uploadUrl=”/path/to/uploadUrl” v-model=”filesData” ></VueFileAgent> </template> export default { data(){ return { }; } } All possible props to config the file uploader. uploadUrl uploadHeaders