Editing and Previewing Markdown In Vue – vuetify-markdown-editor


A Vue.js Component for editing and previewing markdown using Vuetify.js.


  • Solo and inline mode
  • Editor-only and Editor-Preview mode
  • Code highlighting
  • Emoji picking


Editing and Previewing Markdown In Vue


v3.3.3 (02/12/2021)

  • If there is no emoji nor image, hide the toolbar

v3.3.2 (01/04/2021)

  • fix background color of table

v3.3.0 (10/24/2020)

  • support passing props to v-textarea

v3.2.1 (06/21/2020)

  • bugfix

Download Details:

Author: DCsunset

Live Demo: https://github.com/DCsunset/vuetify-markdown-editor

Download Link: https://github.com/DCsunset/vuetify-markdown-editor/archive/master.zip

Official Website: https://github.com/DCsunset/vuetify-markdown-editor

Install & Download:

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