Customizable Vuejs Tree Viewer


A highly customizable vuejs tree viewer for expanding/collapsing folder tree.


Customizable Vuejs Tree Viewer-min


v2.0.3 (06/10/2021)

  • Add the rowIndent key in the customOptions to change the css applied to each child’s <ul>. Mainly to be able to modify the tree node’s indentation.
  • Add default text-align: left to prevent indentation to go haywire when the node’s text length is significantly different and there’s a text-align: center on the parents.

v2.0.1 (12/24/2020)

  • Build package sources
  • Add back the expandable, selectable and checkable options

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Author: scalia

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# Yarn
$ yarn add vuejs-tree

$ npm install vuejs-tree --save

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