Custom Slider Control For VueJS


A simple Vue component for creating custom single and/or range slider controls for your web UI.






v3.2.14 (07/21/2020)

  • Bug Fixes

v3.2.10 (10/29/2020)

  • Add zoom prop to support zoomed scenes.

v3.2.9 (10/24/2020)

  • Bug Fixes

v3.2.6 (10/12/2020)

  • Bug Fixes: When contained is true, slider position is out of sync with mouse position.

v3.2.5 (08/20/2020)

  • Bug Fixes: An error occurred in ie11

v3.2.4 (08/12/2020)

  • Added dotAttrs prop to support setting custom attributes on the slider.

v3.2.3 (08/06/2020)

  • When data is Array<Object> type, an exception occurs when change the data.

v3.2.2 (07/08/2020)

  • data supports object type
  • Allow keyboard tab to access slider
  • useKeyboard default parameters changed from false to true

v3.2.0 (07/06/2020)

  • feat: Allow objects passed as data

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Author: NightCatSama

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Install & Download:

npm install vue-slider-component

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