100+ Abstract Shapes As Vue Components – Coolshapes

Install & Download:

$ pnpm install coolshapes-vue
$ bun add coolshapes-vue


This is a set of 100+ abstract shapes with cool grainy gradients. You can easily integrate them into your Vue projects as components.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the Coolshapes component, a specific shape category, or a specific shape into your Vue project.

import { Star } from 'coolshapes-vue'
// OR
import { Coolshape } from 'coolshapes-vue'

2. Add a shape to your app.

  <Star />
  <Coolshape random />
  <Coolshape type="star" random />

3. Available component props.

type: 'star',
index: 1,
random: false,
size: 128,
noise: false


100+ Abstract Shapes As Vue Components


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