Vue.js Block System


The vue-block-system library lets you easily create block based websites. It uses the vue-transition-component to handle all component transitions.

Usage & Options:

enablePageTransitionOut: true,
blockConfig: {
  maxFindParentPageCount: 50,
buttonConfig: {
  scrollToNextBlockDuration: 1000,
  scrollToNextBlockOffset: 0,
  maxFindParentBlockCount: 50,
api: {
  initCall: '/api/page/{page}',
  pageCall: '/api/page/init',
  axiosInstance: null,
  layoutCache: true,
  stripLeadingSlash: false,
debugLabelStyling: {
  font: '10px/1 sans-serif',
  backgroundColor: 'red',
  color: 'white',
  padding: '5px',
  position: 'absolute',
  top: '0px',
  left: '0px',


Vue.js Block System

Download Details:

Author: larsvanbraam

Live Demo:

Download Link:

Official Website:

Install & Download:

# Yarn
$ yarn add vue-block-system

$ npm install vue-block-system --save

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